Spa Information


Spa Information

The information contained here applies to our original Truro location. For details on services and facilities at other locations, please see their websites or phone for more information.

Personalized Service

Every one of our professionals has extensive training and pride themselves on making you as comfortable as possible. If you have any concerns, please talk with your service provider. We will make adjustments to suit your comfort level.


Our original full-service location in Truro is a medi-spa inspired by the European spa tradition. In addition to an attractive and relaxing décor, it is equipped with:

  • Swedish dry-heat sauna and
  • aromatherapy, Roman-bath steam room will leave you relaxed
  • 14-head massaging shower

Use of these facilities is included when you purchase:

You can also purchase use of the sauna & steam facilities separately.


Upon arrival, you will be provided with attire suited to your treatment or appointment if required.

If you are having a medical aesthetic or laser service performed, please ensure you wear comfortable clothing that won’t put undue pressure on the area being treated.

Arrival Time

For all booked appointments, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your service to allow time to register and relax in our serene Spa.

Gift Certificates

You can purchase gift certificates for specific services or amounts.


Parking is available in front of our Truro location and in a larger lot to the side of the building.


Please provide 24-hours notice if you have to cancel an appointment. If that isn’t possible, call at your earliest convenience. Others may be waiting for an appointment.


We accept all major credit cards, debit and cash, but not personal cheques.


Mondays to Fridays
We open at 9 a.m.
We are open until 7 p.m. on certain weekdays. Please check with our receptionist.