V2 Beauty Booster


V2 Beauty Booster

V2 Boosters

Finally, a WOW skin treatment for improvement of fine lines, dull skin, small scars and dehydrated appearance.

Using a suction assisted injection device, multiple very tiny injections into the skin itself deliver water-rich natural hyaluronic acid and vitamins where it matters most so that beautiful results can be achieved! With a pre-treatment numbing cream, it is a painless experience and instant results are achieved that improve with each subsequent treatment of three to four sessions.

Results last at least 6 months and a quick single re-treatment can top up the pleasing results every few months. Long term, the skin repairs and improves accumulatively because of the positive influence of the maintenance treatments.

There are a few considerations and contraindications, so a consultation with Dr Van Aardt and Aundrea, our nurse, is mandatory before treatment can be scheduled.

Package pricing is available.

More Information at:  V2 Booster