Skin Tightening


Skin Tightening

What it can do for you

The remarkable thing about skin tightening treatments – they get to the root cause of loose, droopy and wrinkled skin. Treatments such as Thermage prepare your body to repair itself.

The natural result is a reduction in the signs of aging, leaving you with:

  • firmer, smoother skin
  • improved texture and more supple skin
  • more youthful appearance

How it works

Skin tightening treatments stimulate your body to produce new collagen – the protein that naturally connects and supports other body tissue.

We lose 1 to 2% of our collagen every year of our life, leaving us with about half as much by age 40. The loss of collagen makes our skin thin and less elastic, leaving it susceptible to lasting changes from:

  • the way we sleep
  • our expressions
  • gravity
  • personal habits

The day of treatment is just the beginning. Skin tightening stimulates the body to increase collagen production over many months. That means your results improve with time and last longer than many other treatments.

Meeting your needs

Dr. van Aardt offers the industry-leading Thermage CPT® procedure as well as Skin-Tyte®. Both of these procedures:

  • address the fundamental cause of loose skin
  • require no downtime
  • can be used on the face and other areas of the body

Body treatments are available for cellulite and sagging skin on the upper arms, hands, décolleté, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

With Rejuva-Lift, you can combine the preventive advantage of skin tightening with the added volume of dermal fillers and smoothing effects of Botox to achieve healthier, younger looking skin.

To meet your individual needs, Dr. van Aardt likes to conduct a personal consultation before any treatments are scheduled.