What it can do for you

This safe and effective form of exfoliation is suitable for all skin types and colours. There is virtually no discomfort and no downtime for recovery.

  • softer and smoother
  • visibly brighter and clearer
  • more evenly toned
  • refreshed and younger looking


Microdermabrasion                       $75                                                                     

Package of 6                                   $375                                                                                

Microderm Facial Combo             $115                                                                

How it works

We use micro crystals to remove dead and damaged skin cells and open blocked pores. No chemicals or lasers are used – it is simply a controlled abrasive procedure.

Initially, a series of six treatments once a week will produce the best results. To maintain the effects, you may need one or two treatments per month.

Meeting your needs

Microdermabrasion treatments take about 30 minutes and you can return to your daily routine immediately. The only thing you need avoid for the rest of that day is strenuous exercise, such as running.

If you would prefer a more lasting treatment, a Chemical Peel might be right for you.