Hyperpigmentation Skin Care


Hyperpigmentation Skin Care

Hyperpigmentation skin care

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One of the most frustrating skin concerns is irregular pigmentation. It may be the result of sun damage, but often it is due to inherent skin disorders that are triggered by hormone changes and ultra-violet light exposure. The correct approach to treatment is to have a proper assessment and diagnoses before treatments are considered. In some cases pigmentation may actually rebound and end up being worse that before if treated with the wrong approach. As a professional team, we can help to ensure the best possible results.

Topical skin care products that reduce pigment production and lighten unwanted pigmentation are a cornerstone of treatment. Exfoliation, ultra-violet light protection and sun avoidance all have a role to play. Our medical estheticians are trained to assist you in making the right treatment choices and to manage the presenting conditions as effectively as possible. Dr. Van Aardt can provide treatment advice and prescriptions where required as some cases may respond well to fractionated laser, IPL treatment, photo-dynamic therapy and some resistant pigmented areas may respond to KTP laser.

Please discuss your skin pigmentation concerns with one of our qualified staff members and we will be glad to assist you to gain control of this frustrating problem.