Tattoo Removal


Tattoo Removal

What it can do for you

As the popularity of tattoos increase, so does the demand for ways to remove them.

Laser is one of the most popular ways to rid yourself of an unwanted tattoo. It has the added benefit of minimal discomfort – likely less than you experienced receiving the tattoo.

How it works

We use the Q-switched Yag laser, one of the most effective tools for removing tattoos.

The laser disperses the tattoo ink throughout the depth of the skin. Then the laser treats that ink layer by layer from one treatment to the next. The treatment can be repeated until the tattoo has cleared or faded to your liking.

Anesthetic cream is applied an hour before treatment, makes the treatment very easy to tolerate. Treatments are very quick, taking from seconds to just a few minutes to treat an average-sized tattoo.

Meeting your needs

You will need multiple treatments for the best outcome. They are spaced 8 weeks apart and the ink fades gradually from treatment to treatment.