More than just an Injection

May 17, 2021


Looking back to 25 years ago, I recall treating teenage patients with acne and understanding how socially debilitating the condition can be.


Regardless of how we might feel about it, it is a fact of life that people judge others by their appearance. Anyone that was bullied at school as a kid would understand. Studies have shown that individuals that are more attractive, well-groomed, and well dressed, are more likely to be successful in job interviews.


Mood is directly tied to appearance. A study showed that patients with depression improved after receiving Botox for frown lines, proving the concept that if we look tired and moody, we start feeling the same and if we look rested and happy, we start feeling that way too.


I’ve witnessed the phenomenon firsthand. Patients often present with the concern of fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes. After a few treatments with Botox, the skin repairs and the lines clear up, but patients continue to want treatment because of the positive psychological impact the treatment has in conjunction. In my opinion, this is the real reason for the success of neuromodulator treatment, and for that matter all aesthetic medical treatments.


It’s been said that growing old is not for sissies. It becomes evident after the age of 40 and it really hits home after 50. Apart from general symptoms like aches & pains, needing glasses and reduced physical abilities, we are also reminded every time we look in the mirror that the luster of youth is fading. A big reason is hormonal decline, in addition to genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Along with tissue atrophy, comes deflation and descent. Descending brows, midface and mouth corners lead to negative emotional messages of sadness, fatigue, and anger.


Non-surgical facial treatments aimed at aging prevention, reversal and enhancement have become extremely popular over the past 20 years and the trend is picking up for body treatments as well. My goal with any treatment is that of maintaining a naturally youthful and refreshed appearance, turning negative attributes into positive ones. Thinking about treatments in an anatomically organized way, we have treatments that influence the superficial and deep parts of the skin, muscles, the subcutaneous fat layer, the deeper fat pads, and connective tissue, as well as changing bone structure.


Although aesthetic medical treatments can be costly, the value of looking refreshed, youthful, and good for one’s age cannot be understated. I’ve followed many patients carefully over the years and before and after photos taken as much as 15 years apart have shown patients to look better, more youthful with more positive attributes than at baseline. Some patients have even reported more financial success, because of their growing confidence and improved appearance opening opportunities for them.


To boil it down, aesthetic medicine at its core is a way to regain, build and improve self-esteem and confidence. With the tools available to the aesthetic medical practitioner today, anyone starting early enough can look youthful, rested, and good for their age, regardless of their age and without resorting to surgery. Consider the fees associated as an investment that will pay huge dividends as the decades pass. The body we live in is so much more important and valuable than the house we live in and the cars we drive in!