Get Ready For Summer!

Mar 23, 2021

As I was clearing snow after (hopefully) the last snowstorm of the year has passed through our area on March 19th, knowing that March 21st is officially the first day of spring , I could not help but being optimistic for warmer weather and the lovely summer days that lie in wait. Having lived in Truro for about 15 years, one of the attractive features of living here, has been that tropical destinations are only about a four-hour flight away and are easily accessible during the cold winter months. Not so much during this darn pandemic though and many people have shared with me about how much they have missed their winter escape this year.

Fortunately, things are looking up! Vaccinations are rolling out and gradually restrictions are lifting, bringing hope of some sense of normalization of life. With that, instinctively comes preparation for summer and all the promise that it brings. From gardening, to cycling, kayaking, hiking, swimming and outdoor family gatherings, to name a few. Just thinking about it lifts my mood and helps to combat the pandemic blues.

As far as Aesthetic Medical procedures are concerned, it’s also noticeable that there is strong demand for laser hair removal, body sculpting and skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and also injectable procedures, to help look great for the summer months. A procedure that keeps gaining popularity, even though the technology has been around for twenty years, is radio-frequency skin tightening. The device I had first acquired years ago used a stamping heat method and was quite uncomfortable, compared to the newest device that heats zones comfortably, efficiently and optimally at the correct depth for maximal collagen growth stimulation, smoothing and tightening of skin and the underlying tissues. The larger applicators used for body areas also target the fat cells deeper down, enabling apoptosis, or the elimination of fat cells for a slimming effect. It also improves cellulite through the slimming and tightening effect.

Of course, as with any non-surgical procedure, don’t expect miracles or instant results. The procedure is a signal to skin cells to grow collagen and for fat cells to implode and the results come gradually, as the tissues respond to this signal. Fortunately, the effects are accumulative and yearly treatment will cause progressive improvements until optimal results are achieved, from where treatment will be preventive. Ideally, to be as preventive as possible, everyone should start having these treatments at age 35 for the skin tightening effects, although a good amount of reversal can be achieved if starting later in life. Being in great health is important for a good response to treatment, as well as a healthy lifestyle. The name of our device is ThermiSmooth250 and is available at all three of my practice locations in Nova Scotia.

While springtime is always a good motivator for us to get ready and start prepping for summer, with most Aesthetic Medical procedures, you’d actually be prepping for the following year. Results typically peak about a year after most energy device treatments and similarly for many of the injectable treatments. 

Point is to get started on the journey, and with maintenance, look better year after year! I like to think of the process of properly applied medical aesthetic treatments as a way to grow younger, albeit in a natural way, to keep looking your best at any age in an age-appropriate way. Those patients that abide by this approach and trust the process, are most definitely the happiest patients, and look amazing of course.

A stitch in time saves nine . . .