Chemical Peels


Chemical Peels

The Vivier Peel                                                                                                    $ 75 each.

10% Lactic Acid, 2% Salicylic Acid, 14% Resorxinol
This treatment is designed to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin with no downtime. Your skin will appear to be glowing, healthier and brighter. This peel treatment is a fantastic way to wake up the skin and start caring for it the way it deserves to be.
(Approx. 30 minutes)


The Vivier Peel – Brilliance Facial                                                                $125 each.

A gentle yet effective facial peel treatment that helps brighten & tighten your skin.

This professional treatment contains a unique combination and concentration of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, specifically designed to treat combination skin, dry/sensitive skin, sundamaged skin or redness. Together, these ingredients gently and safely rejuvenate your skin, offering you better results and less downtime: providing gentle exfoliation, stimulating collagen formation, reducing the appearance fine lines, wrinkles and acne, smoothing and softening your skin. (Approx. 60 minutes )

To maximize your results ask one of our Estheticians about the home care treatment systems available.


The Vivier Jessner Peel                                                                                 $150 each.

The Jessner is a medium to deep peel that is suitable for most people whether they are peeling for the first time or using peels as a maintenance program. You will get the BEST results when you combine the Jessner peel with a pharmaceutical grade skincare line. The Jessner peel includes 14% Lactic, 14% Salicylic and 14% Resorcino in one. The Jessner is designed to be aggressive and targets Hyperpigmentation from the sun, minimizes fine lines, aids in dissipating blemishes, evens out skin texture and tone while minimizing pore size.   (Approx. 30 minutes)


The Environ Lac-Pam (Lactic Acid) Peel                                                   $125 each.

Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid derived from sour milk. Lactic acid peel helps to eliminate germs, toxins and dead cells. It also helps to maintain the skin’s pH factor.

Lactic Acid Peel is indicated for the rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin, acne, unwanted pigmentation, fine lines, and actinic damage. It actually increases new cell growth, stimulates collagen production, and new elastic fibers in the deeper dermal layers. Lactic Acid not only is a superior exfoliant, but may be one of the best treatments yet for hyper-pigmentation. Lactic’s water binding capacity exceeds that of glycerol, sorbitol, other AHA’s, salicylic acid, and propylene glycol yet functions like other AHA, providing additional benefits.[1] [2] Lactic acid can produce a measurable increase in skin thickness (+43% at week 11 with 21.6% solution). Other findings have correlated well with lactic acids ability to reverse symptoms of skin aging. (Approx. 30 minutes)